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Statement following Washoe County School Board meeting on March 12, 2024

Vote Christine Hull for Washoe County School Board District A

Following the board meeting today, it is clear that Jeff Church is trying to destroy our schools from the inside and is unfit to serve on our school district’s board of trustees.

Jeff Church used his insider access as a trustee to file or help file dozens of frivolous lawsuits meant to take resources out of our classrooms. He has lost or withdrawn every single one, but already cost us more than $300,000 in legal fees. The continued defense against the rest of his lawsuits could cost our schools another half a million dollars. He is taking money out of our classrooms.

I am running against him because I believe in building up our schools, not tearing them down, and I urge everyone who cares about our public schools to pay attention, get involved, and support someone who supports our students and teachers when casting their vote for the future of the Washoe County School District.