Christine Hull (Smile headshot)

Elect Christine Hull to Serve on the
Washoe County School Board for District A

Hi.Β  I’m Christine Hull and I am running for Washoe County School Board District A and I am asking for your support and your vote in 2024.

They say you don’t have a lot of memories before the age of four or even five, but I vividly remember the first day of kindergarten where a pivotal and life-changing thing happened to me.Β  I left that day knowing, with absolute certainty, that I would become a teacher.

My plan to become an educator has shifted and evolved over time; when our children started school, I was asked many questions about navigating the school system, especially the special education system. It was then that I understood an even bigger opportunity for myself, an opportunity to advocate for all students, so that they can learn in classroom environments that support all learners.

The experiences I have had along the way have shaped me immeasurably, and because of those experiences, I know that I am the right candidate for the Washoe County School Board of Trustees District A position.

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