There are many different issues that will come before the school board, and above all else, I bring a K-12 teacher’s perspective to the discussion, which the school board does not currently have.

Here are the top things that I plan to focus my energy on addressing:

  • Adaptation: Our schools must meet the realities of our world, from technology to chronic absenteeism, bullying issues, and special education. Understanding what will and will not work in a classroom is fundamental to doing this correctly… or not. My experience in classrooms across the district and state can help guide the board to make decisions that improve our schools, make teachers’ lives easier, and avoid unintended consequences.
  • Inquiry-based learning, skill building, and collaboration: I believe this is what we should be focusing on as we develop and update curriculum, classroom materials, mentorship, and everything that goes into a school environment. This type of instruction will ensure our students are successful and productive members of our community, and that it empowers and motivates them to work hard, and have fun learning at the same time.
  • Equitable opportunities for all our schools: Our Washoe County schools should each have modern learning spaces and materials, but the people who are in those classrooms, hallways, libraries, cafeterias, buses, and front offices are the people who make the difference. The most pressing issue, overall, is our investment in our workforce, the people who engage and interact with students every single day.

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